“Dry” terminology says that red wine is a drink made from dark grape varieties using a special technology that promotes the transfer of anthocyanins from the skin to the wort.…

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1. Bordeaux fete le vin One of the most famous French winemaking regions once in 2 years (June 26-29, 2016) invites you to enjoy the hospitable atmosphere and excellent wine…

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7 extraordinary ways to use wine that will be useful in everyday life
Sometimes after the holiday there is an open bottle of wine. What to do with it? If you put it in the closet, the flavored drink will disappear and lose…

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GEORGIAN WINE. How to choose?

Georgia is a delightful and beautiful country! The combination of soft subtropics, the Black Sea, the flowering valleys of the foothills, the rocky mountains, and the deep gorges that pass through the Caucasus Mountains delight and conquer with their beauty. In the valleys are located kilometers of young vineyards. Georgia is one of the first countries where the cultivated grapes appeared, from which real Georgian wines are made. Georgians are very kind and respectful of this industry, one might even say religiously. Continue reading


In several bars and restaurants in Auckland, New Zealand, began to offer wines supplied in kegs.

A keg is a metal vessel, usually made of steel or aluminum, often used for storing and transporting beer, as well as any other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages under pressure. Wine in kegs has already conquered markets in Australia, Canada and the USA, and all this is due to the fact that this container helps to significantly reduce the price of a glass for a visitor. However, this is not the only plus. Continue reading


“Planet” (“Planeta”) – here it is, the mafia of Sicily! Despite the very young age of the company, the results of its activities are simply amazing. In less than twenty years of existence, Planet simply captured the Sicilian wine market. The company owns 400 hectares of vineyards in 6 different places on the island. The supply of wine annually reaches over a million bottles in 70 countries. Continue reading


The history of virtually any popular brand of sparkling wines today has its roots in the Middle Ages, in the Champagne region sprinkled with vineyards and distilleries. It was there that grew the best grapes, ideal for creating exquisite alcoholic beverages of small fortress. Especially juicy and fragrant white grapes of Champagne gave (and gives) to the real French champagne the best in the world taste and the richest flavor. And thanks to him, the world is obliged to the birth of the legendary Laurent-Perrier champagne (Laurent-Perrier). Continue reading


If you have ever watched as a specially trained person slowly pours wine from a bottle into a decanter, and then pours it into guests’ glasses, then you are already familiar with the procedure called “decant”. But the question is: is decantation really necessary or is it just a beautiful wine custom?

Wine experts still can not agree in opinion – why do decantation is needed. Why it is impossible to pour wine directly from the bottle, and why add a decanter to the process? Continue reading

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Cup of greed, from which it is impossible to get drunk: the ancient prank of Pythagoras
Pythagoras was one of the greatest thinkers of his time and one of the greatest mathematicians in history. And he, apparently, was all right with a sense of humor, because…


The emergence of wine critics and an estimated jury in the world of winemaking has greatly simplified the lives of ordinary consumers (you can safely rely on the assessment of…


If you have ever watched as a specially trained person slowly pours wine from a bottle into a decanter, and then pours it into guests' glasses, then you are already…


On April 17, Malbec is honored in the entire "wine" world. This is an early grape variety that has an amazing fruit aroma, as well as a high tannin content.…