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2 lipsticks express class

2 lipsticks express class
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2 lipsticks express class

Son is one of the undivided objects of the sisters, though on the present day. Son appears quite a lot of counterfeit goods, poor quality, if used gradually will cause bad effects on your health.
You should know thoroughly before choosing to buy a certain product. Below we will give you two wonderful lipsticks that women should own.

1. Son Nars

Son Nars is one of the hottest celebrity lipsticks and is among the top 10 favorite lipstick brands in 2015. Son Nars have outstanding features such as accurate color, high gloss finish but no shortage. Go to the moisturizing properties to create a soft and seductive for the lips.
The body as well as the casing are designed in red color, along with the luxurious metal case, magnet cap and modern design, showing the class.
This son is present in a variety of colors as well as colors that make you spoiled for choice.

Son Nars

2. Son charlotte-tilbury

Son charlotte-tilbury is designed to look incredibly eye-catching and go from box to lip shape. Case charlotte-tilbury son is designed in shiny yellow color in harmony with the classic round cylindrical shape all make the unique, luxurious lipstick.
Son charlotte-tilbury has a variety of colors and colors to choose from. The line is available in colors include Red Carpet Red, Lost Cherry, Tell Laura, Sexy Sienna, Amazing Grace, Bond Girl, Carina’s Love.
The most distinctive feature of this lipstick is that instead of the classic tapered design, with charlotte-tilbury, the lipstick is angularly designed, beveled in many angles to make it easier to use.
Son charlotte-tilbury