Useful tips on how to remove stains on clothes from wine, chocolate and greasy food with improvised means
How to deal with stains? Every person asks himself this question with unenviable regularity; after all, putting a stain on clothes is just a matter of seconds, and correcting the…

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1. Bordeaux fete le vin One of the most famous French winemaking regions once in 2 years (June 26-29, 2016) invites you to enjoy the hospitable atmosphere and excellent wine…

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Rose wine is the perfect complement to any meal: whether it is a picnic on a hot summer day, a romantic date or a friendly chat. It will help create…

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The main summer secret: How to completely cool a bottle of beer in 5 minutes

For most honest citizens, summer is a truly carefree time. Of the “serious problems”, the brain only takes the search for answers, how to stuff all things for the holidays in one suitcase and how to cool the warm beer as quickly as possible. We have already solved problem # 1 in previous reviews, and today we’ll talk about the main thing: how to cool hot (and not only) drinks in just 5 minutes.

Friends are on the threshold, football is about to start, and hasn’t the beer cooled yet? Betrayal! But even such an uncomfortable situation – the maximum is not a reason to lose self-esteem and drink the drink of the gods warm. Continue reading

Cup of greed, from which it is impossible to get drunk: the ancient prank of Pythagoras

Pythagoras was one of the greatest thinkers of his time and one of the greatest mathematicians in history. And he, apparently, was all right with a sense of humor, because only a genius and a merry fellow could create such a mug.

What is it actually about
Who said that mathematicians have no sense of humor? Here at Pythagoras, apparently, it was accurate, because otherwise a person would not have been able to come up with such a brilliant thing as this circle. Continue reading

12 non-standard ways how to use wine to the last drop

Wine is called a noble drink. And how not to miss a glass or two for dinner or during a festive feast. But some people manage to use it not only inside, but also find useful use of the drink in everyday life.

1. For skin
Fermented grapes, which is the main component of wine, has powerful anti-aging properties. Wine helps to restore collagen, improves skin color, and also helps to cope with sunburn. Continue reading

7 extraordinary ways to use wine that will be useful in everyday life

Sometimes after the holiday there is an open bottle of wine. What to do with it? If you put it in the closet, the flavored drink will disappear and lose its taste. You can, of course, pour it, but it is better to find application in the kitchen or in other household chores. Read about unusual ways to use wine. Continue reading

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Over the past few years, the alcohol market in Kazakhstan has undergone dramatic changes: our compatriots increasingly prefer elite alcohol with a rich history and unique traditions. The process of…


If earlier it was believed that the discovery of grapes belonged to the Phoenicians, today it is reliably known that the origin of this plant occurred much earlier and the…


Italy occupies a leading position in the world ranking of wine production. Despite the fact that in Italy itself the level of wine consumption is decreasing annually, production is constantly…


Far from each of us can boast the ability to choose the right wine, and the store is often guided by the “generally accepted rules”: good wine is necessarily expensive,…