To date, the selection of sparkling wines is quite large. In order not to "get lost" in front of a shop window in a store, consider the differences between seemingly…

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Wines from South Africa are world famous thanks to their excellent taste, high quality and unique character. The starting point in the development of wine production was the 17th century,…

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The air is saturated with intoxicating aromas of wines, incendiary music sounds in every corner of the city, and a good mood does not allow to fall asleep for a…

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1. Bordeaux fete le vin

One of the most famous French winemaking regions once in 2 years (June 26-29, 2016) invites you to enjoy the hospitable atmosphere and excellent wine in Bordeaux Square. Visiting the festival, you can not only get acquainted with the sights that are worthy of attention by themselves, but also taste the best French wines, participate in sommelier contests and gain invaluable experience in master classes from leading winemakers.

2. Moselweinfeste

The Moselle festival in Germany is hard to miss: it lasts from April to October. This wine region is popular for its exquisite white Riesling drinks. In all corners of the region, hundreds of different events take place – it won’t be boring. You can join the street processions or go to wine fairs. Select the event to your liking will help the detailed program of the festival, which can be found on the official website.

3. Another German Stuttgart Wine Village

Celebratory action takes place in the city of Stuttgart. It is considered one of the most colorful events in the wine life of Europe, lasts from August 28 to September 8. The main square is filled with pavilions storing excellent drinks, among them Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Gewürztraminer. The tasting takes place to the accompaniment of incendiary music and is accompanied by dishes of the Swabian cuisine.

4. Tokaji Borok Fesztiválja

Hungary’s most popular wine region Tokaj invites to a wine extravaganza. Every year on the last weekend of May, many guests gather there to visit cellars and wine fairs, get acquainted with the producers and, of course, enjoy a great drink.

5. Rioja Harvest Festival

Rioja can be proud of its wine festivities, the most entertaining of them is considered the grape harvest holiday in Logroño: 6 days of unbridled fun and noisy festivities, and the crowding of berries with their feet. There is music everywhere, and the wines flow like water. Starts September 20th.

6. Madeira Wine Festival

Madeira wine making is more than just a craft. Wine production here has been adjusted since the settlement of the island, so the traditions are tremblingly kept. The festival starts in the town of Estreito de Camara de Lobos and smoothly flows into the capital. You can become a party to the harvest, crush it with your feet and taste the drinks.

7. Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais Nouveau is a drink that should be consumed young, by the way, this is a unique French wine with such properties. It is all about the grape variety (game), which gives the drink without the potential for aging. But this feature did not interfere with the popularity of Beaujolais Nouveau, about half of the produced beverage is supplied to the United States and Asia. It takes only 6 weeks to produce a drink, and alcohol readiness is reported on the third Thursday of November with the words “Beaujolais Nouveau arrived.” Every year the holiday moves through the towns of the Beaujolais region, accompanied by colorful processions, fireworks and dances.

8. Cantine Aperte

This Italian festival is intended more for tourists than for professionals. Here you will find artisan exhibitions, cellar visits, lectures on winemaking and pleasant music.

9. Neustadt Grape Harvest Festival

In October, Neustadt (Germany) opens its doors to wine lovers. There you can enjoy not only the noble taste of Riesling, but also visit unique fairs, take part in winemakers’ processions. And women can compete for the title of wine queen Palatinate. Every year the celebration gathers about 100 thousand tourists.

10. Prague Wine Week

Prague Wine Week is a real ethno-event that takes place in the winter. In late January, wine boutiques, restaurants and hotels hold unique master classes and tastings, and also pamper guests with excellent discounts on wine. In one of the Prague palaces, you can visit a massive wine tasting: thousands of people can taste about 300 types of wine.

Finishes the extravaganza of the wine festival – Batalla del Vino.

This holiday stands apart, as this battle can hardly be called just a festival. The inhabitants of the Spanish town of Oro on the day of St. Peter “clothe” in white and climb one of the peaks of the local hills, and the madness begins, the goal of which is to “tarnish” as many participants as possible with wine (Temranillo). The main task is to keep the shirt as clean as possible, although, in truth, it is almost impossible to do this, but this is not a reason for regrets. The festivities continue in the town itself to the fiery Spanish music.

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