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Mulled wine that warms up in dank weather and winter cold (3 traditional recipes)

The intoxicating aroma of hot wine, fragrant spices and invigorating orange is familiar to almost everyone. Mulled wine – a drink that warms up on a cold day, will make a gloomy evening cozy and warm, and also help you not to get sick if you are wet in the rain or frozen in the wind. We decided to find out how and where the tradition began to prepare this drink, and also collected the best recipes that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Where and how they began to drink mulled wine

Historical sources say that the ancient Romans began to mix wine with spices, however, then they did not heat it. Before this, the inhabitants of Central and Northern Europe thought up (it happened around the Middle Ages). The reason for this was the Christmas markets and bazaars in the open air. Now, by tradition, mulled wine is used in the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The drink has become a frequent guest in Russia, where it is consumed mainly in the autumn-winter period.

Main ingredients hot drink

The basis for mulled wine is a semi-dry or dry red wine with an alcohol content of at least 7%. It is heated to 60-70 degrees Celsius and a variety of ingredients are added that can change not only the taste, but also the flavor of the drink. Initially, galangal root was used as the main supplement. This plant is very popular in Central Asia, it is somewhat similar to ginger, but not so spicy to taste.

Gradually supplementing the wine drink became other spices, now often fragrant pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, star anise are put into mulled wine. Lemon or orange slices, as well as zest, will also give special piquancy. For a richer flavor bouquet, you can add nuts, honey, raisins or apples.

Mulled wine do it yourself

Warm drink of dry wine in the winter is often served in various cafes or restaurants. Mulled wine can warm and prevent colds if you get wet in the rain or freeze, the main thing is to use it immediately and then try not to go out in the cold for at least half an hour. Having a cup of spiced wine is great to spend time in the company of loved ones, at home, especially since it is not difficult to make it yourself. We made a selection of the most delicious recipes!

Traditional mulled wine

This is the easiest and most accessible recipe that everyone can handle. To make six servings you will need:

• One medium apple;

• One lemon;

• Teaspoon ground cinnamon;

• A bottle of dry red wine;

• A glass of brandy;

• Approximately 70 grams of sugar;

• 100 grams of raisins;

• 4 flowers of anise.

Cut apple and lemon into large slices. Pour wine into an enamel pan, add all the ingredients there, mix well and heat to about 80 degrees Celsius. Do not bring to a boil! Cover with a lid and let it brew for about 7 minutes. After that, pour into cups.

Mulled Orange

Wine-orange drink will fill the house with a special aroma, and you will be given a New Year’s mood. To prepare six servings, you will need:

• Half a liter of orange juice;

• One large orange;

• Two cinnamon sticks;

• A bottle of dry red wine;

• About 3-4 tablespoons of sugar.

All components mix in one pot and put on medium heat. Stir until the sugar has melted, then reduce the heat and boil for another 10 minutes, making sure that the wine does not boil. Now it remains to cover and let the mulled wine brew. After 5-7 minutes, you can serve to the table, pouring it into cups and sprinkling the drink with fresh orange zest.

Mulled Fruit

This vitamin cocktail – this is how you can describe the next drink. In order to cook it, you need to take:

• A bottle of dry or semi-dry red wine;

• One orange;

• One lemon;

• One apple;

• Two tablespoons of honey;

• One stick of cinnamon;

• Seven heads cloves;

• A teaspoon of sugar or any other syrup;

• One tablespoon of sugar.

Fruits need to be cut into cubes of medium size. In a separate bowl, put orange and lemon sliced ​​with a fork, so that they let the juice and essential oils. Then you need to mix them with apples and other ingredients. It remains to heat the wine almost to boiling and turn it off. You can prepare a decoration for glasses and pour a drink there.

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