7 extraordinary ways to use wine that will be useful in everyday life
Sometimes after the holiday there is an open bottle of wine. What to do with it? If you put it in the closet, the flavored drink will disappear and lose…

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7 extraordinary ways to use wine that will be useful in everyday life

Sometimes after the holiday there is an open bottle of wine. What to do with it? If you put it in the closet, the flavored drink will disappear and lose its taste. You can, of course, pour it, but it is better to find application in the kitchen or in other household chores. Read about unusual ways to use wine.

1. Remove nasty blackflies
Oddly enough, small flies love wine no less than people. You can make a simple and effective trap for these nasty insects. Pour some wine into the glass and cover with plastic wrap. Make a hole to lure the black flies into the glass. They will gladly climb into it, and as a result they will get stuck and drown. You will only have to pour the contents of the tank down the drain.

2. Marinade for meat

Red wine is an excellent marinade for meat, it softens hard fibers and adds flavor. It is believed that marinating six hours before frying destroys carcinogenic compounds. Use a combination of your favorite herbs and spices with equal parts of wine and oil to create a tasty and healthy marinade. Use it instead of vinegar, and you will get an incredibly delicious and juicy dish that your friends and relatives will enjoy with pleasure.

3. Kill bacteria found on fruits and vegetables.

Did you know that wine can be used as a natural detergent to remove harmful bacteria from the surface of fruits and vegetables? Alcohol dissolves impurities, kills foodborne pathogens, including salmonella and E. coli. A great way to protect your food. Than soaping the fruit, it is better to take the remnants of wine and do without harmful chemicals.

4. Disinfectant for surfaces

Bactericidal properties make wine an excellent tool not only for cleaning fruits and vegetables, but also for disinfecting kitchen countertops. White varieties are also used to clean the laminate. Do not use wine on granite surfaces, because natural acids can damage the stone. But plastic and glass are excellent for alcohol.

5. Wine cubes

You did not try to freeze the remnants of wine in a regular tray for ice? If you need a small amount of beverage for sauce, sauce, soup or any stew, add frozen cube to it to give the food a unique taste. Also, this ice is suitable for the manufacture of fragrant wine cocktails in the heat. It is best to use a flexible container, it is more convenient to get frozen wine out of it – just bend the tray.

6. Remove stains
If you spilled red wine, do not panic. Yes, it looks awful, but there is a way to fix it. Oddly enough, alcohol will also help in this matter. Take a drink from white grapes and pour it on a fresh spot. Blot with a towel. Repeat the manipulation as many times as necessary until all contamination disappears. After that, saturate the area with water and let stand. Use a towel again. That’s all!

7. Paint the fabric

Wine is a great dye. You could find out if you ever spilled it on a cloth. The stain that resulted from this misstep is very difficult to remove. Use these properties of wine to dye fabrics. To do this, pour the drink into a container, heat it to a boil, put there the clothes or fabric you want to dye. Stir well using a wooden spoon and boil for no more than ten minutes. Wait until it cools completely and rinse the item thoroughly. You will get a color that varies from pink to dark mauve. Very nice, simple and fast!

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