Wines from South Africa are world famous thanks to their excellent taste, high quality and unique character. The starting point in the development of wine production was the 17th century,…

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Nothing but types of wine (red, white, pink), degrees and prices are not clear. After several minutes of “viewing” the labels, we choose either the most beautiful or, being guided,…

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15 creative wine labels with meaning

Many people choose wine exclusively on the label. And designers are competing for the right to come up with the original packaging for a bottle of wine. Our review contains 15 amazing wine labels, the creators of which have focused on meaning, not only on visual appeal.

Lazarus Wines – a unique wine project from La Rioja, Spain. The wines are produced by blind winemakers – their heightened taste makes it possible to create an excellent balanced drink.
Floral Label

Bright bottle label makes this wine a great gift for any woman. The design will appeal to those who are not attracted to minimalist designs.
Perforated label

This label will allow anyone to make a kind of political statement. Thanks to the perforations, the paper strips from the De Bandera bottle are removed, turning the Spanish flag into Catalan.
Label illustrating optimal wine drinking time
The color of the wine label from Motif will tell you what time of the day to drink a certain wine. For example, the wine in the photo should be consumed in the morning, about 15 hours.
Label for psychology enthusiasts

The label for the wine, invented by Inkwell Wines, is inspired by the Rorschach dough – everyone sitting at the table can tell what he sees in these ink stains.
Speech Label

A wonderful label that allows a person to express what is on his mind.

Interesting label drawn in the style of a plane ticket.
Eco-Friendly Label

The Australian company Equilibrium Estate advocates for environmentally friendly wine production methods and uses them in its vineyards. Formulating a unique selling proposition, the owners decided to focus on caring for the environment. As the company monitors waste reduction and water use, the negative impact on climate is reduced, in particular, sea level rise. This idea is reflected on the label, decorated with wavy lines that disappear along with the wine.
Humorous label

Funny label will cheer up even before drinking wine. She took first place in the 2012 Modern House Wine competition.
Menu card label

Tapas Wine Collection produces Spanish wines, which are ideal for consumption with bread, olives, ham, olives, cheese and other snacks. That is why the label is made in the form of a restaurant menu on a slate.
Label dedicated to sans serif fonts

This wine should appreciate typography lovers. Only 100 bottles were produced, for the development of labels for which the Spanish studio Wild Wild Web Studio was responsible. It’s funny if someone had the idea to release Comic Sans wine.

This label was created by designer Rob Schellenberg. Abstract drawings are prints from topographic maps, and figures mean lines of latitude on which vineyards are located.

Designers implemented an interesting idea – they drew an exclamation mark on the label, which speaks of the exclusivity of wine. In addition, such packaging stands out clearly on the store shelf.
Romantic label

Cosmic black labels were developed for the wine from the White Fences Vineyard vineyard, which unfortunately closed. Constellations and planets on a black background look very stylish and spectacular.

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